Moss Alumni Profiles
Profiling  Mike Lee - 1976 Graduate

Mike & Tammy (Dilday) Lee

In 1964 I entered in the first grade and was there all 12 years and graduated in 1976, with one of the largest classes to graduate of 22.

Who were some of your Classmates? 
During those 12 years a strong bond with many of my class mates was formed.  Those classmates consisted of Jerry Dilday, Carlene and Colleen Johnson, Brenda Arthur, Karen Price, David Wingo, Scotty McCoy, Charlie Foster, Mike Freeman, James Roberts, Linda Towery, Diane Holt, Gary Goodson, Julie Black, Debbie Frazier, Clifford Rogers, Regina Wolf, Tina Sheffield, Ben Clayton,  Donita Hardwick and Vernon Hardwick.

Who were some of your Teachers?
Some of the greatest teachers were at Moss and was given the task of passing on their knowledge to us.   I want to thank each of them for caring enough to stick with me and get me through school.  Some of my

favorites were Mrs. Hassel, Mrs. Perkins, Leon Farris, S T Morris, Mr. and Mrs. Lindley and Kenneth Hull. I also had some great coaches like Don Sayre and Tom Larman, who was my baseball and basketball coaches.  I have many great memories on the baseball diamond; we won many conference, district, and regional titles.

I guess if I had to pick the one teacher that I really hit it off with the most, I would pick Gerald Roberts, my Vo Ag Teacher.  If it wasnít for him, my life would have been much different.  With all his agricultural knowledge that he passed on to me helped get the job that I have with the United Stated Department of Agriculture.  Itís hard to put into words what it meant to me to have attended a small school like Moss.  I was not only taught out of the book, I was taught common sense and everyday life. 


What was school life like? 

When I was in grade school, I will never forget that Orvil Milam always got me off the bus that I normally ride home in and put me on his bus. He always did that on the last day of school prior to Christmas break, because he would stop at Brillís store and buy everyone on the bus a candy bar for Christmas. This continued every year until 1969 when my dad (W G), built a store in Horntown, so we stopped there instead. 

Where did you live while attending Moss? 
From my birth in 1958 until I move away in 1984 I lived in downtown Horntown, OK.

After Moss I attended Seminole Junior College and then on to Oklahoma State University.


Because of the degree  I received, along with my agricultural experience; I was hired by the Farm Service Agency in Holdenville as a Program Technician and remained there through 1983.   In January of 1984 I was selected to become the County Executive Director in Garvin and Murray counties.  Pauls Valley is where I moved and remain as of today.  During my career with the Farm Service Agency I have worked in Washington DC for several years, Puerto Rico, and New Orleans.  I am also a firefighter with the Pauls Valley Fire Department and since 2006 I have been a NASCAR Firefighter, I work as a Pit Row Firefighter at Texas Motor Speedway.


If I had to credit Moss for the greatest gift that it gave me during my 12 years there, I would have to say it was without a doubt my lovely wife Tammy.  You see I married my High School Sweetheart Tammy Dilday and we had two great children.  We are Grandparents now, to 4 wonderful kids that we spend lots of time with.  Tammy has operated a home daycare since moving to Pauls Valley, so we have our Grand Kids every day. 

Hobbies:  I still have a great passion for deer hunting. Raised up in the Moss area I never had a chance, you played baseball, basketball, hunted or fished. I still claim one of the top ten deer ever taken in Hughes County, a 188 inch non-typical, 24 point buck.  So every fall you can find me sitting in a tree somewhere waiting for another big deer to come within bow range.

No matter where I have been and done in my life time, I have always thought of myself as that country boy from Moss.  I really feel sad for children in towns and cities not being able to experience what schools like Moss has to offer.