Moss Alumni Profiles

Profiling Ancell Fennell - 1937 Alumni

Bottom L-R :  Joe Brill, Dorthy Upchurch, Loyd Summy, Sible Hawkins, Ancell Fennell, Homer Lankford.
2nd. Row L-R:  Arthur Marshall, Mearl Harwell, Emit Callaway, Millie Phillips, Alva Fennell
3rd. Row L-R: Geneva Jo Davis, Eddie Rupe, Mr. Harrison & Guy Webber, Principal

 Ancell Fennell - Class of 1937 

   I started going to Moss School when I was in the 9th. Grade.  We lived in the Texas Banner Community.  Mr. Umsted was the driver of the bus I rode for four years.

   The school was an old rock building with six rooms and a basement.  Grades 1 12 were held in 6 rooms, containing two classes to each room.   The 9th. & 10th. Grade in one room and 11th. & 12th. in another. The basement was used for Science and Biology.

   The rooms were heated with coal burning stoves. There was no   electricity and no running water.  We had two outdoor toilets, one for the girls and the other for the boys.                                                                                                                                     
Ancell & Virginia Fennell

   Most of the activities were held during the day until
the new auditorium was built in 1936.  At that time, a gasoline generator was used to provide enough light to play basketball and present plays.  The class of 1937 was the first  to hold a graduation ceremony in the new auditorium.


   Ancell lives in Tulsa with his wife Virginia. He served in the Army during WWII.  He received many medals including the Purple Heart.  He was a floral designer for 40 years, retiring in 1985.


Personal Message from Ancell:                      
Thanks to all of the people who have made the Moss Reunion a great success.  I hope the younger ones  will continue this tradition and come to enjoy it as much as I do.  I have enjoyed getting acquainted and talking with the relatives of people I knew when I attended Moss School.