Moss  1986  Graduates

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Current Residence



Alan Jones

Holdenville, OK


Marcia Thompson

Horntown, USA

Horntown is the greatest. My mom went to school at Moss, I went to school there, and now my children attend Moss. I hope my grandchildren some day will attend Moss and experience the closeness of our community.

Evan W. Lee Eufaula, OK Where in the ____  is everybody at!!!
Robin (Hardwick) Bethune Charlotte, N.C. Hey! Any of you other '80's graduates floatin' around out there? How are you? Doing well I hope. Give me an update if you see this. Take care! --Robin
Lisa (Smith) Mayfield Van Buren, AR My email has changed...would love to hear from anyone. I teach 5th grade math and science in Van Buren...would love to hear what everyone is up to!!! Hey guys...we are getting's almost been 20 years...are we going to get together...would love to see you all!

Michael Martin

Hydro, OK I have updated my location and my e-mail and I would like to hear from all of you!
Keith Gann Lamar, OK  
Amy (Frantz) Lambert Floresville, TX Wow, I can't believe it has been 20 years. I still brag to people about our senior trip. Nobody I've met had anything like that.
Sonya (Brown) Hendrix Glenpool, OK