Moss  1984  Graduates

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Current Residence



Lori (Price) McClure

Norman, OK


Kelly Moss

Holdenville, OK   


Tina (Luna) Cartwright

Moss, OK  
Kim (Shields) Fowler 4 Miles S. of
Horntown, OK This is my new address after our house burnt in Jan. of 2003.
Reba McCoy Oklahoma City, OK

I'm looking to find Gwenda Freeman. I heard  she had been shot
and is now doing ok and just recently remarried.  I have written her e-mail address but no response.  If anyone knows her phone number, please e-mail it to me. I would love to see her again. Thanks, Reba.

Pamala (Sherrin) Kibby Horntown, OK  
Arlene Isham Lamar, OK

I did attend Moss School from 1978-1982 but I didn't graduate from Moss; I moved to Wewoka, OK and graduated from there.  I did live in Lamar in 1966 until 1970, my ancestors did grow up in Lamar and have allotted land in the area.