Moss 1972  Graduates

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Current Residence



Walter Richmond

Wetumka, OK
3 south and 2 1/2 west of Wetumka 

Nice to see a site devoted to Moss, Horntown, Lamar, and the general area. After graduation I served 3 years with the US Army, including 1 year in Thailand.  I served in the Army Security Agency, as a North Vietnamese Linguist, Radio traffic analyst, Radio intercept operator.  Upon returning home, I farmed for several years then became employed with the United States Postal Service.  I have been the Rural Carrier on Route 1 Dustin, and Route 1 Hanna since 1985.  I married Carolyn Jo Martin from Dustin in 1973, we have 2 children, William age 24, Kori age 22, and 1 grandson R.J. age 2.

Debbie Turner Hays Oklahoma City, OK It's fun to look back at the people that have been out of your life for so long. Brings back memories. Hope to hear from some of my classmates.
Frances Murphy Clifton Livingston, TX I have often wondered what ever happened to the kids I graduated with. Judy Medler,  Delane McCoy