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Johnnie Maxwell Holdenville, OK LOOKS LIKE A GREAT WEBSITE!
Kay (Baldwin) Milam Chandler, OK

Babe and I check this out from time to time. A great site that brings back lot's of memories. Keep up the great work.

Glenda Webster Houston, TX  
Bill Kirkland McAlester, OK  
David Haney Seminole, OK  
Gail (Morris) Brown Moss Area
Enjoyed looking at the sites!
Some interesting pictures and surprised by my birthday party being submitted by Glenda!  ha ha
Pamela Faith Stepp Foothill Farms, CA I love the site. Makes me want to go back to school. Moss school was such a wonderful school for me being from California and going to larger schools. It seemed like it was just a big family who got together everyday, the boys in the smokehouse and the girls hanging out. Great web site.
Bob Mitchell Seattle, WA Have lived primarily on the W. Coast with one very long year in the windy city of Chicago. I have a great son, Chris, who is a teacher in Austin, and one granddaughter. I live with my partner in Seattle and travel back and forth from the rain (Seattle) to Palm Springs. I sure would like to hear from others.
Bob (most called me Bobby).
Hmmmm.    Well, this site looks like a great method of reconnecting with many from the past.    Unfortunately, my memories of Moss wasn't of the best.    I remember extremely unfriendly, non-accepting of anyone who was not from the same small area.   I would like to say that my experience was unique, but it was not.   So many others were treated the same.    Hopefully, with many decades behind us, attitudes have changed and those "small town" hospitalities do really exist to those who are not from the same area.