Moss  1964  Graduates

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Sharon Summy Harris

Oklahoma City, OK

I would love to hear from former classmates.

Terry (Leader) Kibby Leader Home Place Great site, keep up the good work

Jerry Kibby

Claremore, OK  

Mary Ann (Roberts) Puckett

Cushing, OK

This is my new e-mail address. I'd love to hear from my old friends from Moss!

Carolyn (Morrow) Cox Oklahoma City, OK This is going to be a lot of fun catching up on all the friends from Moss. Jerry, I love the music and the info that I have heard so far. Thanks! Carolyn
Ruth (Welch) Reich Wewoka, OK  
Ken Roberts Broken Arrow, OK
Very good job on the site. I would love to hear from someone.
Ed Houk Fairfield, CA It is such a fantastic website,  especially for those of us who have such fond memories of our high school friends.
Edward Leon Dunn Abilene, TX Went to Moss school from my grade school days until the 9th. Grade.
When my Grandpop died we moved to Houston, TX, where I graduated in 1964.  I then attended the University of Houston. After my stretch in the service and trip to Vietnam, I moved back to Lamar, Ok for a while. Left when COVEY Corp went out of business due to fire.
The best years of my life were spent in Lamar.  Both as a child and then as a young man, when I moved back with my bride, after serving my country in the army.