Moss 1961  Graduates

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Lloyd Morrow Oklahoma City, OK

Have good memories about being raised in the Horntown area and going to school at Moss. I had some of the best class mates in the world. It would be fun to hear from some of them. I will be checking the web on a daily basis. THANKS

Gale Lee Pryor, OK

A great avenue for communicating with classmates and friends of the past.

Kathy (Shores) Schiwart Wilburton, Ok     I think this is so neat. We moved to Calif. in 1957 after my 8th grade graduation. I would have graduated in 1961 had I stayed.  I would love to hear from anyone I went to school with at Moss.
Billy Kibby Ragtown Community I like looking at the old pictures.
Sandy (Hull) Ingram Ada, OK I really appreciate all of Jerry Summy's hard work of trying to bring us all back together.  Class of '61, do you realize we've been out of school 40 years, and did not EVEN have a class reunion.  We could still have one, what do you say??
Jimmy Olden Oklahoma City, OK This website is a great idea! I often wonder where the people are that I knew in grade and high school.  I recently retired from the U.S. Postal Service after 32 years.  My wife and I moved back from the Chicago area to Oklahoma City.  We have a son and daughter but no grandchildren, yet.  I drove by Moss recently and I see that the school is still going strong.
Nancy Kaye (Jones) Thorp Catoosa, OK  
Robert Gann Nashville, GA    
Kathryn (Roberts) Carter Seminole, OK What a wonderful way to bring back special memories of Moss! Thank you Jerry Summy for your time and effort.
Sue (Turner) Dean Okemah Thanks Jerry for this web site.  I check it every morning for news items.  It's great!!!!

Edwin Moss

Holdenville, OK Enjoy the Horntown Web Site. It was good to see all that came to Shawnee.
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Pat (Summy) Abernathy Yukon, OK    
Carl Crelia Wewoka, OK While I didn't graduate with this class, I did go to Lamar and then Moss thru most of my senior year. I still feel apart of this school and community.   I still live pretty close to Lamar so I get down there often. Love to go to the old home places. Been married to Barbara for almost 40 yrs. We have 4 children and 7 grandchildren, and 1 dog. Our oldest grandson is in the Navy. Hope everyone feels as good as we do. God Bless. I love this site. I can spend hours reading the stories and checking out the links. Thanks, Jerry Summy
David Taylor Wilson, near Okmulgee, OK Thanks Jerry, the picture of David & Melba is great. David enjoyed seeing everyone again.  And seeing Joe Raunikar was the icing on the cake.
Adrian Jennings Spencer, OK  
Rio Evans Geneva, AL Would love to hear from any of my old classmates via E-mail.
Melba Abernathy Griffin Prague, OK