2009 Moss Alumni Pictures
(I used only maiden names when applicable)

Somebody has to set up so you can enjoy the Reunion! Thanks Guys!

Saturday Morning Setup

Frank Wesoloski, Joan Taylor, Kathryn Meadors, Gwenda Summy, Ollie Conley

Sharon Stringfellow, Lloyd Stringfellow, Lucky Wesloski, Harold Dean

Happy 50th. to the Class of 59!

Special Table for Class of '59

Class of '59's Table

Dale Turner & Bob Turner

Juanita Brown & Frances Stringfellow

?? & Carolyn Sue Myers

Joan & Sharon registering the Alumni

Gerald Roberts & Howard Upchurch

Carolyn Morrow, Sharon Summy & Ruth Welch

Gerald Roberts & Johnny Cox

Frank Wesloski & his brother Lucky

Andrew Peerson

Bill & Wanda (Conley) Bunch

Ben Anderson

Henry & Sue Stelter and Lloyd Stringfellow

J.C. & Lucille Collis

Elton & Rosie Clark

Carl & Imogene Allen Higgins

Joe & Alca Dean Carmichael Baldwin

Richard & Pat Stringfellow Hladik

Pat Stringfellow & Ina Lee Smith Stringfellow

Red Thetford, Harvey Price and Larry Webber

Larry Webber & Johnny Roberts

Jerry Summy, Bob Brumley, Joe Umsted and James Morrow

Bob Brumley coached at Moss in the late 40's

Barbara Kay

Class of '59 - E-mail me and I'll tell you who they are.


Class of '59

Frank, Pat Stringfellow, Charles Huff, Melba Umsted, Larry Webber

Sue Summy, Sharon Summy, Melba Umsted and Marilynn Summy

Johnny Roberts, Bob Brumley & Bill Taylor